February 26, 2024

The German Veal Control Association sets culinary accents for the holidays

The festive season is just around the corner and the German Veal Control Association (KDK) is ringing in the contemplative time of the year. Especially at Christmas, when the table is set with care and love, the quality of the ingredients plays a crucial role. The KDK is committed to particularly high-quality and responsibly produced veal from Germany.

German veal for Christmas – a premium product / German Veal Control Association eV

The Christmas season is a time of gathering and joy, when special delicacies find their place on the menu. Veal from the KDK invites you to create unforgettable culinary experiences. With high-quality veal products, the KDK stands for quality and animal welfare and for adding class to festive occasions.

Veal and its properties

The delicate delicate taste of the meat allows it to be used in various culinary traditions. Veal goes well with a variety of spices, herbs and sauces and can be prepared in a variety of ways. It absorbs spices and flavors well and always retains its own, unmistakable flavor, which is why it is an exquisite choice for the festive menu.

But veal also plays an important role in the daily diet. Veal contains a number of nutrients that are essential for survival, for example the trace element zinc, iron and many vitamins, especially from the B group. Due to its high protein content and very low fat content, veal is particularly nutritious and easy to digest. If you want to achieve an optimal supply of important nutrients with small amounts of meat, veal, with its high nutrient density, is the best choice among all types of meat.

Veal for Christmas – a premium product from here

High standards in the stable result in a premium product. Therefore, you should not make any compromises when buying veal for Christmas and consistently pay attention to the quality and origin. It is advisable to rely on products from animal-friendly, regional husbandry where the calves have enough space to move and a balanced diet. This means that when it comes to veal from the KDK, consumers can be sure that it was produced in compliance with high standards, with close controls and according to the 5D principle. Using the 5D principle, the KDK ensures complete traceability and compliance with the highest quality standards. 5 times “D” means that every calf was born, raised, fattened, slaughtered and processed in Germany.

The shortest possible transport routes also play an important role, as this keeps stress for the animals to a minimum. This is the only way to guarantee the high quality of the meat, the complete traceability and the safety of the food – the foundation for carefree and conscious enjoyment at Christmas.

Holiday meal with veal from the KDK

We asked Ms. Averbeck, managing director of the KDK, what is on her menu for the holidays.

“On Christmas Eve we traditionally have Wiener Schnitzel with potato salad. On one of the other holidays there is classic roast veal. This is easy to prepare and is very popular with everyone in the family with Mediterranean vegetables and mashed potatoes.”

And here’s another tip from the professional: The correct cooking level is particularly important when preparing veal. Veal contains little fat and becomes too dry if it is overcooked.

On the KDK website you will find a growing collection of classic and modern recipes with veal such as tender roast veal, delicate veal fillet or delicious veal medallions – with a guarantee of success. Be inspired by the variety and lightness of veal this Christmas.

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