December 4, 2023

VOIE VERTE achieves optimal washing results with new production line

VOIE VERTE, a French family company specializing in lettuce cultivation and sales, has successfully implemented a new washing line in one of its existing production facilities. The installation of this line, carried out by the INDUSTRADE team, the KRONEN representation in France, required a space-saving setup for three washing machines. The specially adapted setup demonstrated high-precision workmanship, resulting in optimal washing results, even for heavily soiled lettuce.

VOIE VERTE supplies lettuce, spinach, bean sprouts, pumpkin, and squash to supermarkets, its own stores, and catering establishments. The company offers both raw produce and ready-to-eat products, including cut and washed items. Earlier this spring, VOIE VERTE replaced its previous processing line near Lyon with a new and more efficient washing line, featuring a trimming table and three GEWA 4000 B PLUS HELICAL washing machines by KRONEN. The selection of this processing solution was based on two crucial requirements: a gentle yet thorough washing process to produce ready-to-eat lettuce despite heavy soiling, and the need for low space requirements due to integration within an existing production facility. Additionally, the project had to be completed within a short timeframe.

The INDUSTRADE and KRONEN teams worked together to adapt the washing line’s setup to fit the limited space available and ensured timely installation and operation of the machines. “We are extremely proud of the quality of the machines and the work performed by the KRONEN and INDUSTRADE teams. The technicians collaborated closely with various departments of our company to ensure the timely implementation of the production line,” says José Carrion, Industrial Director of the VOIE VERTE Group, summarizing the project.

The newly installed washing line now processes significantly larger quantities of different lettuce types daily. Each GEWA 4000 B PLUS washing machine is equipped with an insect and fine particle removal system, a lateral fine particle removal drum, and the water management system (WMS) for efficient washing. The two front machines also feature KRONEN’s water recycling system, reducing water consumption and ensuring high-quality wash water.

After just a few weeks of initial use, VOIE VERTE is already pleased with the investment in the new washing machines and the excellent washing results, even for heavily soiled lettuce. With increasing sales in its five shops, a growing catering services business, and high demand for fresh-cut products, the family company continues to expand across its two production locations. Throughout its growth, VOIE VERTE remains committed to its core values: tradition, quality, freshness, and close customer relationships.

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