September 24, 2023

Cortec® Presents Latest Packaging Innovation: CorShield® Resealable Bubble Bags Powered by Nano-VpCI®

Innovative bubble film, made in the EU,combines surface and corrosion protection and cushioning but is still recyclable and environmentally friendly

CorShield® Resealable BubbleBags and Static ShieldingBubble Bags combine volatilecorrosion inhibitors withcushioning packing bubbles toprovide protection for sensitiveor delicate components.The air filled bubbles offer superior protection and burst strength, withstanding high pressure and abuse and have air retention properties. This will ensure that bubbles stay inflated and provide long-lasting performance.Bubble bags are ideal for use where the item requires both mechanical and corrosion protection.They are excellent for protecting high precision metals from damaging, scratching and corrosion while in transit or storage. Bags can be used for shipping and storage of various metal components. These recyclable and therefore environmentally safe bags are developed in Croatian EcoCortec® plant, European daughtercompany of Cortec® Corporation. They are produced in their manufacturing facility. CorShield® Bubble Bagsare now readily available for their customers.

Multimetal Protection

Using Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI®) technology,the bubbles protect a variety ofmetals, including carbon steel,aluminum, copper, brass,silver and stainless steels,without leaving film or residueon packaged items. CorShield®Bubble Bags are non-toxic andrecyclable.Components that need protectionare placed in thebags andin matter ofhours, the vapor from theVpCI® bubbles saturates theenclosed airspace. The VpCI® vapor migrates through theair to reach all exposed metal surfaces. The VpCI’s thencondense, forming a thin,protective layer. CorShield®VpCI Bubble Bags are designedfor cushioning and surfaceprotection applications.

•Simple, safe to use.
• Provide a unique combination of cushioning and corrosion protection
• Multimetal protection through Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor(VpCI) technology
• VpCI vapor does not interfere with subsequent processing (painting,
welding, cleaning, soldering, etc.)
• No adverse effects on plastic (lexane), optics, elastomers and
other non-metallics
•Complete product protection during storage as well as during domestic and overseas shipments, eliminating any rust claims.

CorShield® Resealable Bubble Bags are available from Cortec’s European manufacturing plant, EcoCortec®, located in Croatia. Recently,the plant expanded with new facility consisting of  VpCI®,masterbatch production and new reprocessing equipment for recycling of waste.This will result in minimizing the disposal of potentially useful materials and reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials as well as energy usage.

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