January 31, 2023

Universal H1 hose pump oil for the food industry

Optimum lubrication of peristaltic pumps from a wide variety of manufacturers – successful continuous use at the first large brewery

Yeast is delicate and needs to be handled with care, especially in breweries. Because it is a key ingredient not only for fermentation and alcohol production, but also for the typical aroma of the respective beer. Brewers therefore need the unicellular microorganisms to be in the best possible condition. The peristaltic pumps used for transport protect the yeast, but due to their design, they put a strain on the most important component: the hose. In order to minimize this wear, the lubricant manufacturer Chemie-Technik (Vöhringen/Baden-Württemberg) has developed a special oil. This has proven itself in test series for a wide variety of hose materials and has been in use at a large brewery for months. This offers users of peristaltic pumps an attractive alternative to the lubricants from the pump manufacturers.

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In peristaltic pumps, a hose that is guided in a semicircle is tumbled by a rotating component on the inside of its bend in the pumping direction. The resulting narrowing of the tube’s cross-section moves its contents, here: the yeast suspension, with almost no destructive shearing forces. The hose as an expensive wearing material must last as long as possible. Because when it is exchanged, the closed conveyor line has to be opened. This is associated with the risk of contamination, which can disrupt the entire microbiology in the plant. dr Stefan Schlomski, Technical Sales Manager at Chemie-Technik GmbH, reports: “Hose pumps are therefore filled with a food-grade oil that reduces the friction of the rollers or sliding shoes on the hose surface, dissipates heat to the housing and thus significantly increases the hose service life.”

According to Stefan Schlomski, the hose pump oil ELKALUB LFC 800 is an ideal replacement for the more expensive lubricants from hose pump manufacturers: “With our NSF-H1 registered special oil ELKALUB LFC 800, we have an alternative for all common pump hoses that are used in the food industry and those in the food industry Usually made of natural rubber, acrylonitrile rubber or thermoplastic elastomers. In intensive comparative tests, we treated hoses from different manufacturers with original oils and, in comparison, with our ELKALUB LFC 800 for many days at different temperatures. The test results show that our pump oil is fully compatible with hoses from the major suppliers.”
A large brewery in southern Germany, which uses a double-digit number of yeast hose pumps, is already convinced of the advantages of the ELKALUB LFC 800. She has been using the oil successfully for months. “Of course, ELKALUB LFC 800 is also ideal for hose pumps in other food sectors, but also in general industrial applications,” concludes Stefan Schlomski with satisfaction.

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