September 24, 2023

Handtmann at international Food Tech Congress 2023 in Warsaw

Handtmann acts as sponsor and speaker of the International Food Tech Congress, taking place in Warsaw
from 31st May to 1st June 2023. The congress is dedicated to “Rethinking food
and nutrition”, with the aim of establishing a more sustainable food and nutrition basis and encouraging
stakeholders to act quickly. The organizers are relying on the power of technology, entrepreneurship and
networking to advance the food industry and accelerate innovation. Only cooperation in partnership can
bring about a better tomorrow, is the message of the congress. Accordingly, the event draws on a who’s
who of the industry, from the world’s largest food companies to pioneering technology developers and
renowned scientists. More than 1,000 participants, 140 investors, 150 speakers, cooperation partners,
start-ups and guests from 40 countries are attending on site or digitally.

The conference will address key topics such as alternative proteins, functional foods, personalized
nutrition, food waste, technology and more. As a member of sustainability initiatives, Handtmann has
for years been involved in the development of energy-efficient technologies and alternative foods. “I am
delighted to have the opportunity to represent our company as a speaker at the Food Tech Congress in
Warsaw and to be able to contribute our solutions to help establish a more sustainable basis for food
production in the future,” says a pleased Dr. Michael Betz, Head of Industry Sector Management at
Handtmann. Thomas Ott, Global Marketing Director at the Biberach-based company, is also in support
of the sponsorship: “We are happy to act as a sparring partner and supportive player in the projects with
our know-how and many years of experience in the field of food processing and technology,” and adds:
“In these challenging times, this initiative is an important step towards climate recovery, food security
and global health. Handtmann’s contribution and sponsorship is part of an ambitious global partnership
of food tech companies, innovators and government agencies, as ideas for the future are more
important than ever before.”

Dr. Michael Betz/speaker

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