May 21, 2024

Intermarché pioneering SIG packaging material

Intermarché, one of the most popular retail chains in France, demonstrates its relentless commitment to sustainability as it becomes the first in the country to use tethered SIG SwiftCap Linked closures on SIG’s carton packs. This pivotal move covers their entire private label juice portfolio of around 20 SKUs.

The fruit juice for the Paquito own brand distributed in Intermarché outlets is produced by Agromousquetaires, the agro-industrial entity of the Les Mousquetaires group.

Intermarché will also switch to a packaging material from the SIG Terra portfolio, which helps to reduce the use of fossil plastics. The SIG Terra portfolio is a set of more sustainable packaging solutions offering different structural options: without aluminum layer, with renewable materials from the forest, and/or recycled materials.

The polymers in SIG Terra packaging material support the transition to renewable polymers from the forest using a certified mass balance approach. SIG uses tall oil as a forest-based raw material for the production of the polymers. This is a by-product of the paper industry, thus avoiding the use of raw materials from agricultural crops. The polymers are certified according to the certification scheme ISCC PLUS. The ultra-thin aluminum foil used in the packaging material protects the contents from light and oxygen and is certified against ASI (Aluminium Stewardship Initiative) standards.

Intermarché, in its likeminded partnership with SIG, has achieved a first for the French juice market in helping to combat plastic waste leaking into the environment. The move to tethered caps comes well ahead of the EU’s Single-Use Plastics Directive deadline of July 2024 and will also be welcomed by both consumers and regulators. The tethered caps can be easily disposed of and recycled with the rest of the carton pack.

SIG’s tethered caps do not compromise on convenience for consumers, offering an easy pouring and drinking from the pack experience, via a robust double hinge solution. They are also compatible with existing SIG filling machines and closure applicators. This means no major investment is required, demonstrating the flexibility and adaptability needed to reassure customers that SIG’s packaging and filling solutions are a secure investment for the future.

The decision to launch Paquito and MERCI! brand juices with both innovations from SIG, fits perfectly with the company’s priority on responsible action. Intermarché’s socially responsible brand called Les Éleveurs vous disent MERCI! (The Farmers say Thank You!) is all about giving back. Its products offer consumers the opportunity to support farmers with better remuneration. MERCI! is also vehemently committed to the environment, society and animal welfare. MERCI! juices will come in SIG PremiumBloc 1,000ml carton packs and Paquito in 750ml and 1,000ml.

Arnaud Allain, adhérent-strategy and development director Agromouquetaires in Montgiscard: “As part of our targeted and committed sustainable development strategy, replacing plastic with renewable materials is a priority. We have defined ambitious CSR objectives that we are determined to achieve. By being the first in France to adopt SIG’s tethered closures, and by switching to an SIG Terra packaging material, we are helping to reduce the consumption of fossil resources and lower the impact on the environment.”

Mélanie Révolte, Marketing Manager France, BeNelux at SIG: “By choosing our tethered closures and an SIG Terra packaging material, Intermarché is once again demonstrating its commitment to sustainability. We want to help Intermarché meet regulatory requirements and the growing consumer demand for sustainable packaging. Consumers of the Paquito and MERCI! brands can also help to act responsibly by helping local farmers.”

SIG’s tethered closures and the SIG Terra portfolio complement SIG’s roadmap to become a ‘net positive’ company by contributing more to society and the environment than the company takes out.

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