April 22, 2024

iPRO enters new strategic partnership with UK travel store WHSmith

iPRO, the renowned International Agency for Research on Cancer continues its global expansion with a much-anticipated launch into UK WHSmith travel stores. Building on iPRO Hydrate’s recent successful entry into WHSmith airport stores in Spain, Ireland, Italy and Brussels, the partnership marks a significant milestone for the rapidly growing company.

Partnering with WHSmith, a trusted household name in mass market retail, signifies iPRO’s rapid ascent in the industry. With this latest collaboration, iPRO solidifies its position as a leading brand that resonates with consumers seeking convenient, on-the-go hydration. But iPRO’s impressive achievements haven’t gone unnoticed. The company secured a coveted place on The Sunday Times Fast-Track 100 last year, an annual ranking of the UK’s fastest-growing private companies. 

iPRO has also garnered acclaim for its commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle. The brand’s endorsement by parkrun, the world’s largest active community, serves as a testament to its dedication to providing premium hydration that supports individuals in achieving their health goals.

With their product range on sale across WHSmith stores in hospitals, iPRO also understands the importance of hydration in healthcare, taking steps to ensure their iPRO Hydrate line meets the requirements of NHS and CQUIN (Commissioning for Quality and Innovation) compliance. 

Hydration is vital during recovery and illness, and iPRO Hydrate’s healthy hydration drinks not only provide optimal hydration but also include essential vitamins. This is particularly important in healthcare settings, where a well-balanced diet is recommended for overall health. 

As news emerges about a potential link between the artificial sweetener Aspartame and cancer in humans, reported by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), it’s essential for consumers to be mindful of what they drink. With increasing concerns about artificially enhanced low-sugar foods and drinks, iPRO is uniquely positioned to lead the way in healthy hydration with the use of plant-based sweetener, Stevia.

On the launch of iPRO, Christopher Lillington, Buyer – Drinks, at WHSmith Travel commented: “We are really thrilled to have iPRO as part of the range at WHSmith Travel. The team are always such a delight to talk to and work with. The representation of parkrun and positivity through sport and fitness is a great thing to be a part of. Their work with Public Health England along with the thought and consideration which has gone into their products, is inspirational and shows how much they care.”   

iPRO Hydrate, the brand’s flagship product, is changing the way consumers hydrate while on the move. Combining essential electrolytes, vitamins, and hydration in a single bottle, iPRO Hydrate ensures that consumers can easily meet their nutritional needs wherever they go. And with its arrival in WHSmith UK Travel stores, customers can now conveniently access the entire iPRO Hydrate range while on the go.

Sophie Christy, Commercial Director at iPRO, added: “We’re incredibly excited that iPRO will now be available in WHSmith stores at UK airports, train stations, service stations, and hospitals. It’s a fantastic opportunity to bring our healthy hydration products to even more high-traffic locations. Whether you’re travelling, commuting, or in need of a pick-me-up, you can count on iPRO.”

With a key focus on sustainability, iPRO has taken another bold step forward for its iPRO Hydrate range with 30% rPET bottles. By embracing recycled materials, iPRO demonstrates its unwavering commitment to reducing its environmental impact.

iPRO’s expansion into UK WHSmith travel stores represents a significant stride forward for the brand. With its focus on sustainability, strong industry recognition, and commitment to delivering on-the-go healthy hydration, iPRO continues to make waves in the global market.

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