December 4, 2023

Leading food processing expert Provisur to show portfolio highlights with a special focus on slicing and defrosting innovations

Provisur® Technologies, the leading industrial food processing equipment manufacturer headquartered in Chicago, USA, with subsidiaries across Europe and an Innovation Center in France, will present an exciting range of machinery and innovations at CibusTec in Parma, Italy, from 24th to 27th October 2023. The company booth will showcase cutting-edge systems and advanced technology from Provisur’s Slicing, DMC (Defrosting, Marinating, Cooking), Separation and Further Processing Units. World-leading machines from the Slicing Unit will be on show for visitors to the Provisur booth.

Slicing – cutting-edge technology for all requirements

Provisur form pressing technology offers controlled, gentle forming and guarantees maximum slicing yield at minimum operating costs even with large product deformations. On show at CibusTec will be one of the highlights of the Provisur slicing portfolio, the Hoegger X3 meat press, which maximizes the slicing yield of meat specialties such as bresaola, coppa, bacon, speck, and many more.

Slicing machines from Provisur’s Formax® line guarantee optimum performance for a broad range of slicing requirements. The Formax® slicer SX330 – a small machine with big performance – will also be on show at CibusTec. It delivers high-performance slicing of cheese, delicatessen meats and many others. It is ideal for manufacturers looking for a small footprint, high throughput and low maintenance.

DMC – safe, speedy defrosting systems

Lutetia® is a leading Provisur brand for defrosting, tumbling, curing and marinating. Using chambers and tumbler processes, Lutetia® is ideal for any kind of products defrosting. Lutetia® minimizes cycle times and improves product quality. Patented processes and cutting-edge technology improve overall yield and quality.

Separation – versatility and performance

With a range of rotation, belt and pressing technology, the Provisur portfolio is unique in providing all necessary separation systems for the efficient separation of meat, poultry, and other raw materials such as potatoes, fruit, and vegetables. This allows processors to choose a technology in line with their exact requirements. The broad range of applications all have one thing in common: high-yield separation of bone fragments, sinew, cartilage, and other material.

Further processing – optimized throughput and precision

The advanced technology of systems like the Provisur NovaMax® Formers is designed to ensure higher throughput and precise weight control when forming a variety of products such as meat, poultry, protein alternatives, pet food and bakery products.  Additional groundbreaking forming machines by Provisur are the VerTex® Formers featuring VerTex® Tender-Form® rotary forming technology.

They provide unprecedented levels of product consistency and texture, while offering the lowest cost of ownership available. Furthermore, Formax® Formers with their solid construction and reliability deliver the highest yields while forming products with a natural texture and excellent appearance.

Visit Provisur at CibusTec: Parma, Oct. 24 – 27 2023, Hall 6 Booth A026

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