September 25, 2021

Nutrition gets personalized with U.S. Dairy Protein

Nutrition is top of mind this month, and personalization is in focus as global consumers increasingly look for customized approaches to health and search for products that meet their specific lifestyles and goals. In fact, Innova Market Insights predicted that personalized nutrition will be one of the top global trends of 2021, as nearly two-thirds (64%) of consumers consider options tailored to them as a top priority when purchasing foods and beverages.

U.S. Dairy Proteins can help the food industry meet consumers’ desire for customized food and beverage products that meet their unique needs. Because dairy proteins are so versatile, they can suit different consumer lifestyles and taste preferences and be used to boost protein in a wide range of delicious applications.

  • Protein Quality: High-quality dairy proteins can be enjoyed across life stages and address a variety of health goals, but can especially be beneficial for certain populations, including aging adults, athletes, and people trying to manage their weight. Emerging research suggests current dietary protein recommendations may be inadequate for these groups and dairy protein can help meet their increased need.
  • Versatility: U.S. Dairy Proteins offer exceptional functional benefits, including solubility, heat stability, gelling, foaming, and emulsification and can be used in a wide variety of applications to boost the protein content of products such as beverages, snack foods, performance foods, and more.
  • Flavor Possibilities: U.S. Dairy Proteins’ neutral flavor enables them to be used for an array of flavor profiles in foods and drinks. Manufacturers can use them to tap into popular flavor trends—like fruity and botanical—to create great-tasting, better-for-you products that make living a healthy lifestyle enjoyable and sustainable.
  • Sustainability: U.S. Dairy Proteins are made from an environmentally conscious milk supply. Producing a gallon of U.S. milk creates 19% less emissions than it did in 2007. The U.S. dairy community is united behind the continued improvement in areas that align with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals—capturing the wholesome goodness in every drop of milk and producing dairy products and ingredients using fewer resources.

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