November 27, 2021

Optimal protection for NORD drives

To protect its drive systems from corrosion, chemicals, wear, scratches, impacts and moisture, NORD
DRIVESYSTEMS offers a wide range of different methods for each application area – from environmentally
friendly painting to long-life high-performance coatings and the innovative nsd tupH surface treatment.

In almost all industries, it is important to efficiently protect plant and machinery as well as the drive
technology used from external influences like dirt, moisture, spray water and aggressive media. NORD
motors and drives are already designed with a high level of protection. Furthermore, high-performance
coatings, paints and finishing processes protect the surfaces of drive systems and ensure an aesthetic and
uniform appearance.

High-solid paints protect the environment
For paint finishes, NORD uses the latest generation of high-solid paints which considerably reduces the
emission of solvents far below the legally required limits. With up to 80%, high-solid paints contain a large
proportion of solid material and combine the emission benefits of hydro paints with the functionality of
solvent-based coating materials. In addition, the lower solvent proportion of only 20% allows for very short
drying times in production – a decisive advantage over water-based coating systems.

Powder coatings for the electrical industry
For the electrical industry, NORD offers robust and long-life powder coatings. The treated surfaces are
resistant to impact, scratches and wear. They are resistant to weather and chemicals and are even more
robust than conventional NORD paints. The anti-static properties of the electrically conducting powder paints
prevent static charging of the drive technology and so downtimes are reduced to a minimum. A further
advantage: Powder coatings are free from solvents and make an important contribution to protecting the

nsd tupH surface treatment: An alternative to stainless steel
In case of stringent requirements on surface and corrosion protection, nsd tupH surface treatment is the
technology of choice. Thanks to a special method, the surface is made corrosion-resistant and harder and
makes aluminium behave like stainless steel with regard to corrosion protection. This is not a coating, but a
surface treatment that creates a protective layer which is permanently bonded to the substrate material. So
nothing can detach or flake off. Damage remains locally restricted and does not spread. The drives are easy
to clean and largely resistant to acids and alkalis. It is even possible to use high-pressure cleaners or apply
aggressive media. An nsd tupH treatment is available for most of the NORD modular drive systems made
from aluminium. They are not only suitable for hygienically sensitive applications in the food sector but also
for various applications in process and pharmaceutical industries. They are typically used on conveyor belts,
pumps, mixers or agitators, but also in water and sewage plants and car wash facilities.

Competent advice from the NORD experts
Selecting the optimal surface protection – painting, powder coating or nsd tupH – for the respective
application primarily depends on the environmental and operating conditions at the installation site of the
drive solution. The NORD experts advice on the selection.

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