June 2, 2023

VEMAG Portioning Device MMP223: Perfection guaranteed

Perfectly Formed Bars with the VEMAG Portioning Device MMP223; Individual toppings thanks to new, optional nozzle technology

Consumers are increasingly demanding healthy snacks: Bars in all variations conquer the food market: an attractive alternative to cake, cookies and other sweets as an in between meal. Changing eating habits as well as increasing body and fitness awareness support this development. The demand for a variety of products with changing ingredients and flavors create further growth. Thus, the range of fruit bars as well as sports and protein bars is growing either as a snack on the road or as an integral part of special diets.

Kai Wörzler, technological sales and consultant for the segment bakery international,
VEMAG Maschinenbau GmbH

In the course of this new more conscious diet, completely new bars are entering the market, such as vegan bars or bars with ingredients made of insect proteins. No matter the type of ingredient, there are no limits to the manufacturers’ ideas. Offered with various toppings, every producer can provide his individual product versions and thereby benefit from the trend.

Excellent Processing of Stiff Mixtures with the HP30E for the Successful Production of Bars

Decisive in the production of bars is the exact extruding, portioning and forming of mostly very stiff mixtures, for example made of marzipan, dry fruits or proteins. Typical mixtures in the production of bars are characterized by a special firmness and their processing requires high-pressure machines.

Individual and clean extrusion of toppings such as caramel plus crispies

The powerful VEMAG filling machine HP30E together with the portioning device MMP223 offer the perfectly synchronized overall solution for the production of a wide range of bar sizes and shapes. According to customer requirements, toppings such as caramel and, in a further processing step, crispies, nuts or the like can be added. With almost unlimited power reserves for extremely high throughput and maximum torque, the HP30E feeds the raw material to the portioning device MMP223 in an extremely weight accurate and precise manner.

The VEMAG duo drive technology featuring two independent drives for the down-feed mechanism and the actual feed-screw, standard in all fillers of the HPE-series, ensures perfect performance results even with cold, very stiff mixtures. VEMAG machines always meet the highest quality and hygiene standards: the all-in-one hopper with optimized infeed seal guarantees reliable tightness under any production condition.

For cleaning, the infeed scroll is disassembled in a few easy steps with the hopper open. After the disassembly of the infeed scroll the seals are freely accessible and can be checked with every cleaning procedure as well as quickly exchanged if required.

Double Screw Technology and Highest Hygienic Standards for Guaranteed Success

Unique selling point of the VEMAG technology is the double screw which works according to the double-spindle principle guaranteeing most gentle product feeding and highest weight accuracy in processing of various mixtures. Thanks to the broad portfolio of double screws as well as attachments, the machines can be flexibly adapted to various products and output capacities and therefore fulfil every individual requirement in the production of baked goods and confectionery.

Meeting the highest hygienic standards also plays an important role in the development of VEMAG machines: the all-in-one machine frame without gaps is made of stainless steel. Smooth surfaces prevent the accumulation of product residues and therefore the settling of bacteria on the housing – a special advantage in the production of bars without thermal treatment. All VEMAG machines can be cleaned quickly and easily using customary detergents.

MMP223: Precise Shaping and Portioning – Quick and Reliable

The VEMAG portioning device MMP223 extrudes extremely stable shapes such as bars as well as blocks and other formed products. Together with the extrusion unit HP30, the MMP223 has been developed for a productive and continuous operation ensuring outstanding weight accuracy and minimum giveaway.

The MMP223 achieves an output of up to 200 portions for a single-lane production and up to 400 portions for a double-lane production. The end products remain reliably separated and stable in form even at industrial production speed. Even products with a high proportion of nuts, almonds, chocolate chips or dry fruits offer an even structure when sliced. Thanks to drive systems especially designed for the production environment, the MMP223 is characterized by a long service life and maximum production reliability.

Only one operator is required to control the fully automatic line. Among other parameters, the portion weight and portioning speed can be set on the intuitively operated display.

The desired product shape can be chosen individually thanks to the inserted nozzle. Various individual shapes are possible: rectangular, cylindrical, rounded, with groove for the caramel layer.

Together with the HP30E the MMP223 guarantees the automatic extrusion of a continuous product string which is placed onto the conveyor belt and carried to the knife. The revolving servo-driven and adjustable knife of the MMP223 divides the product string at high speed precisely into single portions. Knife drive and control system never get in contact with product residues. The end product remains cleanly separated at equal distances even at the highest production speed and with any product dimension.

Upgrade for First-class Toppings

VEMAG has modified the MMP223 by adding an optional nozzle: A profitable solution which allows the bar to be extruded with a topping such as caramel in various forms and densities during the production process. To round the product range off, VEMAG does offer to add further toppings after portioning and cutting the product, such as e.g. crispies.

Via a vibration trough the desired ingredients such as crispies, chopped nuts or cereals, which add additional flavor and nutrient components to the bar, are spread over the formed bars.

The result of this sophisticated application is precisely formed and cut bars with toppings, which can be covered in chocolate or other mixtures in a subsequent additional production stage performed by further production units.

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