September 24, 2023

Protega Global launches new peak season e-guide

Protega, an award-winning sustainable packaging company providing innovative solutions
including Hexcel wrap and Hexafil paper, recently partnered with Planet Mark to set a target of
reaching carbon neutrality by 2029.

Protega Global Ltd, a leading manufacturer and supplier of sustainable packaging, has got
customers covered for the advent of the peak season for packaging by launching an easy-to-follow
online guide. Designed to help plan and prepare for the influx of orders for the festive season, the
guide contains a range of innovations that will help improve packaging performance at peak times.
As demand is now beginning to grow behind the scenes in advance of retail launches, more
companies are seeking to expand their capacity and ramp up their operations. The supply chain
issues of previous years appear to be behind us, which means full steam ahead for retail and
online suppliers. Protega can help keep operations moving at all times, with packaging solutions
that are both sustainable and practical whatever the size of the despatches be.
Early identification of bottlenecks and potential vulnerabilities will help customers plan for and
maintain a smooth despatch and delivery service. Mapping out the supply chain can assist with
identifying areas that might impact the business at peak season and implementing a coping
strategy for when the time arrives.
Dan Willock, Protega’s Marketing Manager explained the idea: “We know how much companies
have to ramp up during peak season, and we have learned those lessons. We decided to share
some of our ideas with our clients, and we have some great solutions! If the approach of peak
season fills you with dread, then why not take the opportunity to get the right tools in place to help
streamline your despatches even at the busiest of times.”

Protega’s commitment to sustainability will see the company achieve certification and further build on its pledges. Initiatives already implemented include installing solar panels, EV charging points and sourcing green energy.
For some great ideas to help your business to thrive not just survive peak season, these tips and
more can be found in the Protega E-guide to Peak Season here.

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