February 26, 2024

BENEO Redefines Plant-Based Beef and Minced Meat Innovation at Fi Europe 2023

Fi Europe 2023, 28th-30th Nov, Frankfurt (BENEO Booth 3.1G160)

Building on the success of the Meatless B.V. acquisition last year, BENEO is proud to unveil the next milestone in its plant-based journey at Fi Europe 2023. Planned for the beginning of 2024, the ingredient manufacturer will expand its semi-finished product portfolio to include plant-based Meatless® Beef Bites and Minced Meat. Thanks to its highly innovative technology, BENEO offers manufacturers a scalable and effective way to tap into the plant-based trend, with authentic juicy and meat-like textured beef imitation products.

With 74% of global meat substitute consumers seeing beef as an appealing type of meat substitute[i], demand for beef imitation products is high. This new solution from BENEO helps producers meet consumer demand for tasty alternative beef products, while providing easy-to-process, semi-finished products with a simple and short ingredients list. BENEO’s low-energy processing technology means that the plant-based beef alternatives are not only flavourful, but also offer benefits in terms of sustainability.

Available in frozen form, the Meatless® Beef Bites and Minced Meat products are crafted from myco- and pea protein and enhanced with colouring to provide an authentic beef-like appearance. With high heat stability and water holding capacity, they retain their juiciness and succulence, even when baked or fried. Also, their fatty and juicy mouthfeel enables the reduction of fat content in end products, aligning perfectly with evolving consumer preferences for healthier options. The Meatless® Beef Bites are ideal for stir fries and stews and the Meatless® Minced Meat for lasagna, marinades, and sauces.

Niels E. Hower, Member of the Executive Board at BENEO says: “In a world with a growing population, efficient food production is not just a necessity for food security and environmental protection; it’s also an economic imperative. We’re excited to be at the forefront of new plant-based developments. And due to the high consumer interest, we made the decision to expand our range of cost-effective plant-based solutions to also include beef alternatives which can easily be integrated into existing production processes. The alternatives market is largely focused on replacing chicken or processed applications like hamburgers and meatballs. So, the addition of Meatless® Beef Bites and Minced Meat products offers manufacturers an even broader spectrum of choice.”

Visitors to Fi Europe can get a first taste of BENEO’s Meatless® Beef Bites and Minced Meat products on its stand, where Culinary Chef Jelbrich Hendrickx, from the BENEO-Technology Center, will prepare mouthwatering plant-based dishes, offering a tantalizing preview of what’s to come.

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