April 22, 2024

Bluewater calls for Global Action on PFAS Contamination on World Water Day 2024

In response to recent findings exposing the presence of harmful PFAS contaminants in the tap water of 70 million Americans, Bluewater, a pioneering brand delivering water purification solutions and beverages, is urging for increased public vigilance and intervention from national health and water authorities this World Water Day 2024. Committed to a plastic-free planet and ending the need for single-use bottles, Bluewater is spotlighting the intensifying global crisis of water contamination by PFAS persistent chemicals, now widely detected in tap water worldwide and posing a threat to human health.

“Our mission at Bluewater is to protect people by preventing hazardous chemicals such as PFAS from getting into their bodies. PFAS isn’t a localized issue. It’s a global health crisis spiralling out of control”, says Bengt Rittri, a leading Swedish environmental entrepreneur who founded and leads Bluewater as CEO. Rittri believes there is an urgent need to amplify public awareness about the risks tied to these toxic ‘forever chemicals’ still being produced and used in numerous industries – and leaching into environments such as rainwater, surface water, and ground soil where they won’t break down for hundreds of years if ever.

“Every mother, father, and concerned citizen on our planet, from Europe to North America, Asia, and Africa, should be demanding action from their local and national health and water authorities,” Rittri says. “At Bluewater, we’re dedicated to developing and offering solutions that purify tap water for home, work, and play, helping consumers and businesses to end their reliance on bottled water while restoring trust in the water flowing directly from their taps.”

Bluewater believes the severity of PFAS contamination of drinking water underscores why governments worldwide must promptly establish or finalize national drinking water standards for PFAS and set science-based limits for these chemicals in water. Bluewater’s ground-breaking purification solutions have been verified in independent tests to remove 99.7% of all toxic PFAS chemicals from tap water, providing customers with healthier and great tasting drinking water.

In recent investigations to raise public awareness of the problem in London and Stockholm, Bluewater found evidence in both cities of worrying levels of the most hazardous PFAS chemicals, PFOA and PFOS. The company also champions sustainable practices, partnering with many of the world’s leading events and venues in plastic reduction initiatives and promoting reusable bottles. Bluewater hydration and bottle solutions are used widely in fan-facing events like golf’s The Open and by teams competing in the America’s Cup, Formula E, the Ocean Race, and World Beach Soccer, as well as at international conferences like COP 28.

Founded in 2013, Bluewater is forging ahead with its purpose-driven mission to end the need for single-use plastic bottles by developing and harnessing planet-friendly technology. Bluewater purification solutions for home, work, and play are available to tens of thousands of consumers and hospitality businesses concerned about what’s in their tap water worldwide, including the Middle East, North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

“As we commemorate World Water Day 2024, Bluewater encourages everyone to consider tap water quality and to take action towards better health and a sustainable planet. We also urge the manufacturers of PFAS chemicals to take responsibility for the pollution they are causing and — preferably — stop their production of such chemicals entirely,” said Bengt Rittri.

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