December 4, 2023

Feeding the world, without starving the planet

Tetra Pak’s Global President & CEO delivers insights on tackling the world’s food system challenges at Foodtech Summit

More than 800 million people across the world go to bed hungry, but still, more than 1/3 of food grown and produced is lost or wasted

Tetra Pak Spent 30 Million Euros in establishing recycling infrastructures around the world

More than 800 million people across the world go to bed hungry, but still, more than a third of food grown and produced is lost or wasted. The statement was part of the keynote address by Adolfo Orive, Global President and CEO of the company at Foodtech Summit, part of Gulfood Manufacturing 2023. In his presentation on ‘How can we feed the world, without starving the planet’, Orive focused on ways the food industry can work together to tackle the world’s insecure and unsustainable food systems. In his address, he explored the essential role of collaboration in addressing global sustainability challenges within the food industry, emphasizing that feeding more people while preserving the environment and developing sustainable food systems is intrinsically linked to responsible sourcing, production practices, and packaging.

“Our mission is to provide innovative solutions that help the food industry feed more people while preserving our environment. With Global food systems account for more than a third of global greenhouse gas emissions, this requires collaboration, sustainable practices, and responsible packaging. Tetra Pak remains committed to leading the way in creating a better and more sustainable future, and to always protect what’s good: food, people and the planet”, said Orive.

Orive also stressed the importance of innovative solutions that allow the provision of nutrition to a growing world population, without compromising the planet. This comprehensive approach encompasses the entire food value chain, from sourcing and manufacturing to minimizing product waste and embracing circularity. “Last year, we invested 30 million Euros in establishing carton packaging recycling infrastructures worldwide. And in the UAE, we have signed an MOU with United Paper Mills, one of the region’s biggest recyclers, to give new lives to our carton packages after being consumed”, he added.

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