February 23, 2024

Marijo Pesic becomes Director Product Management Rail Europe at Hellmann

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is pleased to announce that Marijo Pesic has joined the company as Director Product Management Rail Europe. In this newly created position, he is responsible for the strategic development of all European intermodal transport in combination with rail. Hellmann’s goal is to further develop rail freight within Europe as an important part of intermodal transport establishing environmentally friendly and at the same time cost- and time-efficient supply chains throughout Europe.

Marijo Pesic, a 41-year-old transport expert, has many years of experience in combined transport. For almost 25 years, he worked for Kombiverkehr GmbH & Co. KG in Frankfurt (Germany), where he was most recently responsible for services in Eastern and Southeastern Europe. At Hellmann, in addition to the strategic further development of the Rail Europe product, he will use his in-depth industry know-how to launch new intermodal products with a particular focus on the development of sustainable supply chains between Europe and Turkey.

“Sustainability is a key focus for Hellmann – and rail transport means climate protection. Therefore, it is our declared goal to shift as much freight as possible to rail. We will significantly expand combined transport throughout Europe to offer our customers internationally tailored, environmentally friendly transport solutions. That’s why we are delighted that Marijo Pesic, a proven expert in combined transport, works with us and our international rail team to implement this development in a forward-thinking and sustainable way,” explains Jens Wollesen, COO Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.

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